About Us


Victory Church of Christ Ministries International (VCCMI) began in 1999, as a result of God’s clear call upon my life. It began with eight families meeting every Sunday for service in my living room in Agati A Zone Kilombe Butabika Parish. On the 16 June 2000, the ministry was launched in its current location in Luzira Kampala Uganda.

We now have registered a membership of over 2000 people of whom about 700 hundred attend church weekly.

Our Vision

Reaching Nations (People) for Christ

Our Mission

We exist to bring people (nations) to Jesus Christ in order to have them Delivered, Transformed and Empowered through the message of the gospel to lead a Loving, Fruitful and Victorious life to the Glory of God.

Our Focus

Our priority is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple for Him everywhere he leads us.  In this connection, the Lord has been faithful to His work, saving healing and delivering many, confirming His words with signs and wonders. 

Shortly after the ministry began, the Lord gave us a word that in the 3rd year of the ministry, he would support our radio and TV gospel outreach. And true to his word the Lord has kept us on Radio and TV every Sunday for 30 minutes for over 13 years. Surely this is an act of God. We have written and distributed thousands of gospel tracts that have been able to connect and convert people to Christ.

The Lord has also given us a vision for Child Home Care and schools, a very much needed undertaking to help the many helpless orphans left behind due to Aids scourge and other tragic incidents. We are currently in the process of building up two Victory Primary Schools and Kindergarten in northern Uganda one in Agago District and the other in Amuru District. The one Agago has already started classes in our temporary church structure due to the serious need the community has.   

Meanwhile the ministry has been able to support over 50 children, since 2003 through donations from believers from within the church. One young man who has been on this program has recently been admitted for Medicine at Mbarara University, while another who completed an IT course five years ago and is now employed. Through this program, many of these children came to know about Jesus Christ for the first time.

how can we help you?

Are you in need of Prayer, Counselling or you want to Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill
, Former Prime Minister United Kingdom