In John 15:7 (NKJV), Jesus spoke these words:

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you”.
Every person in Christ ought to realize how powerful those words are.
The word abides means to endure, to put up with. To aide by – is to obey. Now what the word is saying in our text can be put this way:
“If you endure in me, if you put up with me in spite of what you are going through, in spite of your challenges and if my words (promises) endures in you, if you obey my words, if you are guided by my words, if you take consideration of my words (promises )and believe it in whatever circumstance you find yourself, and you converse according to my words (promises) then you will ask what you will and it shall be done for you”

The key to seeing results in prayer and our Christian life is found in residing in Christ and his words residing in us. It is very possible for one to be in Christ yet without utilizing his words in our day to day life needs. That kind of life leads to unfruitfulness, and wastage of God’s grace. A Christian who does not practically utilize the word of God can never know the power that is in salvation. When we utilize the word of God, by being conscious of it in our life and modifying in words and action according to the word, we enter the arena of Victory. The result is fruitfulness and God’s glory in every area of our labor and service. The parable of the sower in Mathew 13:3 – 5. And 18 – 23 are actually an explanation by Jesus as to what happens when the word is sown into the heart of men. Jesus attributed lack of understanding of the word, yielding to persecution, worries about life’s challenges and wealth as things that cannot allow the word to abide and bear fruit in one’s life. The result is unfruitfulness.

He said that when one understands the word that is received in one’s heart, it will result into fruitfulness. Understanding the word leads to motivation and action. It is very important to realize that the one purpose of the word of God in the lives of believers is so that there is fruitfulness to the tune of one hundred fold, sixty folds or least of all thirty fold. Those are the degrees of success the word of God can produce in one’s life if it will abide. The depth of the word in one’s life or the degree of understanding will determine the degree of fruitfulness. In Joshua 1:6 – 9 (NKJV) God charged Joshua not to fear but to remain strong and should not stop speaking the word (promises) that he had given through Moses. He also told him not to turn away from it but to think about those promises day and night.

That by doing so, Joshua would apportion to the Israelites their inheritance, be prosperous and make himself successful wherever he goes.
Here again we see that God’s design is that Joshua and the Israelites should abide in God and his word, which are his promises to the Israelites. The challenges that could have caused Joshua to fear and give up the pursuit of the promise were plenty, yet it was the endurance in the word of God that enable Joshua and the Israelites to succeed. What about you who is reading this message? What challenges do you have that is standing between you and your goal? Whatever it is, I want to encourage you that never give up. Abide in Christ and in his words. Like Joshua reached his goal, you too will reach your goal.
May God bless you.

George Oduch (Pastor),

Victory Church of Christ ,Luzira,

P.O Box 34167 Kampala, Tel:  +256 (0) 77-465293,
e- ail:victorychurchofchrist@yahoo.com

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