ANGER THE MOTHER OF MANY SINS and Robber Miracle Blessings


“If you cannot control your anger, you are as helpless as a city without walls, open to attack” Proverbs 25:28’’ (GN). 

Anger is that feeling that makes people want to quarrel or fight. Many believers have taken anger lightly and so have not dealt with it when they came to church. Instead they have nursed and maintained their anger when wronged, when their pride is injured, when they cannot get what they want or when they cannot have their way. Yet the scripture quoted above is grave enough to make you think twice if you have taken anger lightly.

Anger can be controlled and must be controlled by every believer. The walls of the ancient cities protected it from being attacked, plundered or overthrown by thieves or invaders. Without it’s wall the city became defenseless and would suffer heavy losses. Likewise anger whether expressed or concealed will quickly remove the protection of righteousness from the life of the believer opening the person to satanic attack from any direction. Why? Because anger breeds many sins Pr. 29:22 (NIV). Where sin abounds there is no righteousness. Where there is no righteousness there is no protection. However much blessings, miracle, and answers one may receive from God, it will quickly be lost. Many are lost even before they are manifested in the physical and others are lost when they have just been received.

 I have seen people who have been delivered from demons lose their deliverance and healing after an outburst of anger. I have also seen asthmatic attacks, blood pressure, ulcers resurfacing after many months of healing. Other believers suffer reversal of answers to prayers after they have just begun receiving.

Anger is noted among the works of the flesh in Gal 5: 19-21. The devil will always want to use the works of the flesh so as to cause you to forfeit resources of the Kingdom of God as well as Eternal life. Gal 5: 22 is a solemn warning to every believer about allowing the works of the flesh to dominate your life: “…I warn you as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God.”

The only way to deal with the works of the flesh is to crucify it. To put it to death. That is to deliberately deny the flesh it’s food (desires) so that it is weakened and eventually it’s desires is brought under control and out of the devil’s hand. Each time you refuse to react the way the flesh desires, that compulsion is weakened and eventually brought to subjection. People speak unkind words about others, criticise, slander, judge and are bitter, many times because they are angry. Any Christian fellowship or family where anger is not dealt with cannot and will not stand against the devil.

How to deal with anger:

  1. Weigh your answers before you speak back .Be slow to speak. James 1: 19.
  2. If you must speak then be gentle. 15:1
  3. Give thanks to God because every challenge is an opportunity for grace to be given to you. 1 Th 5: 18.
  4. Rejoice in the Lord for blessings that you can get out of being wronged by people 5:11-12.

If you do this you will begin experiencing growth and maturity allowing you to experience breakthroughs in many areas of life. God bless you.

George Oduch  (Pastor) Victory Church of Christ,

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Tel: 256 41 222700, 256 41 77 465293.


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