When God called Moses, so that he could use him to deliver His people from Egypt, Moses felt very inadequate (Ex 3 – 4). Because of that feeling Moses tried to give God one excuse after another. The situation changed when God asked Moses this question: “…..What is that you have in your hand?” (Ex 4:2).

Of course God knew very well that Moses had a rod in his hand. But He asked Moses that question to call his attention to what he (Moses) had that could be of use in the mission that God has called him to accomplish. Through that rod which Moses used according to God’s instruction, divine power begun to manifest bringing to subjection the powers that held the Israelites in bondage for four generations. The result is that they got freed.

Many times people who are called by God for a divine mission or purpose for their lives resist the call. Often it is because of walking by sight rather than by faith. Moses felt intimidated by the magnitude of the mission. How could he go and face the entire government of Egypt, leave alone convincing his own people the Israelites that God really sent Him?

Yet for every mission there is a provision. There is a way to get it done. God has gifted every human being with something that he can use to bless his own life and that of others.

God will always want to begin with what one has got. That is the seed God will work with. Every great achievement in human history begun as an idea or talent, which was developed and utilized by Faith. The talents and the ideas vary from one person to another, but when enhanced by God who put it there, it is incredible what it can achieve.

I still recall some years back when the Lord spoke to me about sharing the gospel. I felt I couldn’t do it. I felt shy and I really resisted it. The good Lord didn’t stop there. He spoke to me to begin writing short evangelistic messages that can be put into gospel tracts for free distribution. Again I remember I told God that: “Lord look, what you are telling me takes money, I don’t have a job, I don’t have money, I don’t have a computer, even if I write, how can I get it printed? For some time things stopped there, I was waiting for things to change for me before I could begin to do what God said. Nothing happened. Then one day I talked to the Lord. I remembered that when he told me to write gospel messages I had not even asked him for the subject. I then asked the Lord to give me the Subject. He gave me the topic for my first evangelistic message:  HOW TO GET YOUR DEBTS PAID AND NEEDS MET I wrote that on a Monday. By Friday an old friend whom I had not seen for years appeared carrying something which he thought I could find useful, it was a dry cell operated typewriter / printer with a monitor. From that point God begun moving me step by step until the ministry of writing was developed up to a Church level, with God adding one good equipment after another and one message after another, blessing many lives through it. I give him all the glory. Friend you may be out there thinking that you are the unluckiest person on earth, stuck on the roadway of life. May be you think you are not gifted in anyway. I want to tell you that such an idea is not true.

God has a plan for you. There is something he has put in your life and in your hand that you can use. Turn it over to him and begin to work with him by Faith. When you do that you will see the glory of God and your world will change. May God bless you.

George Oduch

(Pastor) Victory Church of Christ Luzira Kampala,

P.O. Box 34167 Kampala, Tel: 256 41 222700, 256 77 465293,


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