TEXT: John 10:10

“The thief only comes in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come in order that you might have life – life in its fullness”.

The thief referred to here is Satan and all his agents of falsehood whom he uses to carry out his elaborate plans of stealing the souls of men from God in order to destroy them. A reflection on the daily news through the papers, radios and TVs, will leave you with no doubt that some of the evil people do could not have been done unless other diabolical forces were at work controlling them with unseen hands. From our text you will realize that Satan the thief is not contented with only killing people, but ensuring also that by the time they die, they are separated from God by sin in order for their souls to ends up in hell- the place of destruction and no return.

Not only will Satan want to rob men of their souls and separate them from God, but he also wants to steal things such as peace, health, a happy marriage, money and such other things that may make their lives better.

That is why when you read the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will find that wherever Jesus went, he had a set pattern of activities which involved preaching the kingdom of Heaven and the salvation it offers men, casting out evil spirits and healing the sick. In fact before he left, Jesus commanded his disciples to do the same. He told them that those who believe will cast out demons and heal the sick in his name. Here we see the Lord addressing man’s whole being, which are the needs of his spirit, soul and body. It is important to realize that one of the things that the devil attacks most in people is good health.

A complete gospel therefore cannot be separated from prayer for healing and deliverance from demonic oppression. I have seen the Lord heal many incurable sicknesses through prayer wherever we went preaching the gospel and even in our 5:00 o’clock healing service held every Wednesday at Victory Church Luzira. I have no time to give testimonies of the healings I have seen happen in the name of Jesus. The most recent healing I have seen is one of Ben Oryono the Chief Finance Officer of Kotido District. Ben was struck blind on 8th March 2004 while on duty.

He was referred to Mulago hospital where he was attended to by a senior eye consultant. He also saw a neurologist. These Doctors ordered for many tests on Ben all of which proved negative. Neither did medication prove helpful. Ben was then referred to Nairobi for an MRI test. This too proved negative. This depressed Ben so much that in his own testimony he made up his mind to commit suicide because to him life as a blind man was not worth living. Meanwhile the mother of Ben requested the local church in Kotido and the Christians at Victory Church to commit Ben in prayers for his salvation and a miracle healing. On the day Ben was to kill himself he instead surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and that is, one year after he became blind. On the 1st July 2005, Ben had a dream that one of the Pastors was ministering the word of healing to him and his eyes opened in a flash. On the 3rd July 2005, Ben woke up with an opened eye. Jesus had healed him. Ben said that thereafter he was filled with joy and peace that he had never known in his entire life. Truly Jesus took up Ben’s burdens.

What about you? What burdens are you carrying that you have not yet handed to Jesus? Whatever it is why not surrender it to Jesus? Perhaps you are sick, and you are told that there is no hope for you. I want to assure you that Jesus can heal you. Even if you are not sick, you still need Jesus for fullness in life. Like every one else you still need salvation that God freely offers through Christ. Right now why not first of all surrender your life to Jesus and then surrender whatever other problem you have? Jesus will give you rest. If you are ready to receive Jesus as your Lord and savior, please say this prayer from your Heart:

“Dear Father, I thank you for loving me by sending your son Jesus to come and save me. I am sorry about my sins. I repent of them. I desire a new life.

Right now I invite your son Jesus Christ to come into my life as my Lord and savior. Father in Heaven, I also surrender every need (mention them) I have into your hands. Help me. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen”.

If you said that prayer from your Heart, you are saved by Faith. Begin talking to God in prayer every day. Get a Bible and begin reading it preferable from the gospel of John. Find a good Bible based church near you and begin to fellowship there so that you can grow spiritually. And I assure you that your life will not remain the same. May God bless you.

George Oduch

(Pastor) Victory Church of Christ Luzira,

P.O BOX 34167 Kampala,

Tel: 256 41 22700 Kampala,


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