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Men and Women of God, I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am led by the Lord to let you know that we started prayer and fasting on the 25th May 2020 for 211 days (7 Months). I know that many of you are already in prayer and fasting. The difference between us may be in the duration and I believe there is a lot in common in our prayer burden because the same Spirit guides all of us.

There are things the Lord has revealed to me which I should let you know about it in order for us to deal with them through prayer before they happen.

The other point is to ask you to Join 211 Prayer and Fasting Movement.

Your joining will be like a little stream joining a little river that keeps growing in volume and momentum as it moves on and as more and more streams join it. From whatever point you join you will start moving in the same spirit and at the end of it all you will be a part of those who will experience a great flood of testimonies at both personal and church levels.

This prayer movement will birth a revival that will continue growing and until it has engulfed the body of Christ. The Lord gave me a prophetic word about this program about 12 years ago. It never occurred to me that this would commence during this season of COVID-19 pandemic. The count-down from today 30th May 2020 is 204 days remaining. The program will end on Christmas Eve i.e 24th December 2020. Victory church of Christ Ministries International will convene a prayer convocation on Tuesday 29th December 2020. The program shall be streamed for the sake of those who will not be able to attend in person. Details of the convocation shall be communicated.

A pdf copy of my Prayer Book YOUR TURNING POINT will be provide free of charge to those who have registered to join the program on the link provided at the end of this communication. You will find this book very useful not only for now but even after.

The Lord spoke to my heart saying that the year 2020 is a unique year.  That we should not handle 2020 the way we have handled other past years. That what he has for us his people is great and we should never allow the devil to stop it.

That the enemy has come like a flood but we have to respond in an unusual way, thus the 211 days of prayer and fasting. This is both a defensive and an offensive undertaking.

This 7 months (211 Days) is a prophetic opportunity to change many thing concerning your life. The number 7 is the number for perfection. It also represents completion. Whatever was remaining to be completed in your life, for you to break loose into the next level shall be completed in this prophetic season of prayer. God will perfect all the areas in your life that will require perfection. Lift up those areas in prayer to God daily for the 7 month and see God change your life forever. The number 11 which is found in the number 211   is also prophetic. It represents a turning point. That is why we talk of the 11th minute or 11th hour which speaks of critical moments. It also signifies hope in the midst of chaos or judgment. No wonder First World War ended on the 11th Hour 11th Day of the 11th Month of 1918.

 The theme of the prayer program is: “The Lord Will Perfect That Which Concerneth Me…” Ps 138:8 KJV

Remember that apart from the issues you are facing in your personal life, your church, community, Uganda, E. Africa, Africa, the world and the current issues, all concerns you. You can in this 211 days of prayer lift them up for God to perfect them for you.

Here are some of the burdensome things that the Lord showed me:

  • Breaking The Power of The Spirit of Deception In The Church

The Lord showed me the spirit of deception responsible for false righteousness. It looked like a serpent with rings of black and white round it, the way a Zebra is patterned. This subtle spirit is the power behind the false prophets and teachers like the hyper-grace teachers. They prey on believers, snatching them from the place of right doctrine and bringing them into bondage to sin (2 Pet 2:19, 2 Tim 3:2-5, Rom 6:1-2)

I saw this serpentine spirit becoming restless like it was in trouble because of the increasing volume of prayer going up from believers. It was slithering through the body of Christ trying to find where to hide its head and rest but it was not succeeding. God is saying the church should not relax the fire of prayer. The time is up for this spirit if the church will pray and deal with it.

  • Domination of Indigenous Ugandans In Business and Education

Pray against the emergence of a business community of Asian origin that God revealed to me would rise to dominate and oppress the locals economically in Uganda. I also saw them dominate the education sector having taken it over.

Therefore the church should pray for fair and equitable co-existence

of indigenous and migrant business community in Uganda and the region.

  • Floods In Uganda

I saw flood wrecking a lot of havoc in the region and especially in Uganda. Repent for our nation and ask God to relent and deliver us from the flood.

Pray against the powers behind the floods in Uganda and the E. African region.

  • Apollyon (Angel of Death, The Destroyer)

God spoke to me twice that we should deal with the powers behind the locust, Corona Virus and death during this season (Rev 9:7-11).

We should repent and ask God to relent and deliver our nation, region, continent and the world from the destroyer.

  • Turmoil In Burundi

I saw Burundi in turmoil, with their people scattering as refugees in neighboring countries. I could see Burundians settled in refugee camps in Teso Uganda and others were in refugee camps in Kenya.

Pray for political stability in Burundi.  Let the church pray and preempt this before it happens.

Other key issues you will find in prayer Book YOUR TURNING POINT. For further inquiries you can call Fred on +256 779250170, +256 702599882.

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