2019 The YEAR of FULFILMENT (Joshua 5:12 Kjv)

 When I was praying about the year 2019, I asked the Lord about the scripture on which to base my sermon and I heard him clearly. It was verbatim, word for word from the bible. It is from Joshua 5:12:

5:12 And the manna ceased on the morrow after they had eaten of the old corn of the land; neither had the children of Israel manna anymore; but they did eat of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year.

wonder what was going to come out of it. I asked the Lord for the same on three more occasion and I got the same passage. I then asked the Lord to give me the prophetic statement that accompanies the scripture he gave me. What followed was very interesting. The Lord went quite but I remained waiting to hear his voice. Then someone came asking to see me for prayers. The person had a family challenge that had bothered her for more than two years. She asked me to stand with her in prayer for God to intervene and change things for her in 2019.

She pulled out an offering and said “Pastor, here is my seed, I have decided to give all of what I have been paid for some work I did this month. I want 2019 to be different”. When I opened my mouth to pray, I heard myself saying, “Sister, 2019, is the year of fulfilment for you and your family!” What followed surprised me. A string of prophesies began to flow out my mouth spontaneously. The scriptures he gave me became crystal clear to me. I began to see clearly in the spirit what God had for his people in 2019. Therefore, I am here to tell you with confidence, as someone who has heard from heaven that 2019 is The Year of Your Fulfilment!
What is fulfilment?
Fulfilment is:-
– The achievement of something desired, promised or predicted.
– The meeting of a requirement, condition or a need.
– Fulfilent is what satisfies your hope or expectation.
– It is to bring to fruitation your endeavours where God has placed you, i.e in your promise land.
– Hear what God is telling you! 2019 is the year of divine fulfilment for you.
– Your season is changing. The season for grace for the wilderness has ended.
– The season for manna has ended.
– The Lord has released new grace for you. The season for milk and honey has come.
– I don’t know which wilderness you are in. What I know is this; you are coming out.
– God is shifting you from the wilderness to establishment.
– The time to enter your Canaan has come.
– Your time for achievement has come.
– What you could not achieve before you shall achieve in 2019.
– What you could not receive before you shall receive in 2019.
– There is grace for establishment.
– Where you had failed before, you shall succeed.
– Where you could not pass before, you shall go through.
– Where you have been despised, you shall be honored.
– Where the door had closed before you, those doors shall open.
– Where you were accused before you, shall be vindicated.
– In biblical numerology, number nine represents fruitfulness.
– You find this in Galatians 5:22-23 and 1 Corinthians 12:8-11. These two passages mentions nine fruit of the Holy Spirit and nine gifts of the Holy Spirit for blessing the body of Christ.
-The time to eat the fruit of your Canaan has come.
– The time for you to enjoy the fruit of your labour has come.
– Good health is your portion in 2019.
– The season to leave the tent has come.
– The grace to enter your own house has come.
– Before the Israelites ate the fruit of Canaan God reminded them about three things (Josh 5:2-10):

1. The Covenant (Circumcision as a sign)
2. Passover Celebration (in which they made sacrifices to the Lord). Thus they keyed into the prophetic word through their prophetic seed.
3. Consecration (The reproach of Egypt was rolled a way).
– This served to invoke the blessings of God upon them as covenant people with covenant blessing.
– They entered Cannan as covenant people.
– You are entering 2019 as a covenant child of God.
– Covenant blessings will manifest in your life.
– Covenant wealth will locate you.
– Victory belongs to you.
– Good health will be your portion. In 2019 you shall not be feeble or sick.
-That which you have been waiting to get for years will locate
– The grace to possess land, houses, cars and material property is available for you!
– I declare that all these prophecies and more shall manifest in your life in 2019 in Jesus name!

George Oduch

Senior Pastor VCCMI

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