Unlocking God’s Power and Wonders

The church in Acts was a church with power. And that is the way a time church of God should take.

What was their secret?

Acts 2:42-43, can give us a glimpse at what made the early church powerful:

“They continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking bread and in prayer.

And tear came upon every soul: and signs were done by the Apostles”.

Those people were able to endure in four things:-

1) Apostles’ doctrine

Theses were the teaching of the Apostles. The expounding of the word of God put them on a strong foundation by giving them the basis of what to expect from God.

2) Fellowship

The meeting together gave them spiritual warmth and enabled them to support one another.

3) The Breaking of bread (Lord’s supper)

This was instructed by Jesus Himself and it’s main purpose is to keep all whom I have believe reminded of what God has already done for them, for example their redemption from sin, their healing; their deliverance from the power of darkness and other blessings through Christ which they can keep claiming when they are in need.

4) Prayer

They endured in prayer. They never gave prayer a break. The result was power to accomplish what God had called them to do.

Signs and wonders become the normal thing for them. And the community was impacted in such away that they had to take note of those believers. The same can happen in your own life. Persevere in prayer even when it seems like the answers are not forth coming. God will answer you. Power will be released upon your life. And the people around you shall be touched by God in a way that will bless them.

Study scripture: Acts 6:1-8

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