The Heart of a Father


In Ephesians 3:14-15, Paul says that it is from God the father that “all fatherhood takes its title and derives its name”.
Paul said that after having mentioned in the preceding verses (Ephesians 3:8-11) the great plans that God has for His people.

God is a God of plan. He has plans for every person. That is because by nature He is a father who cares. Every father of a family on earth derives his fatherhood from God the father. This means that every father who heads a family on earth here must follow in the footsteps of the heavenly father if they are to perform their functions properly.

– A father must be caring, a father as the head of the family must have good plans for his children and his entire household. These plans he must share with his heavenly father who alone can give him the capacity to have them realized.
– A father who cares will truly not allow his children to go their own way but would have them corrected when they are still young and guided to take the way of the Lord. A father who cares will sacrifice for his children. That is what the heavenly father did. He sacrificed Jesus Christ so that we could enter God’s plan and be blessed.
That is why it is not good for a man who is heading a family to be selfish, by taking care of himself first but must sacrifice whatever little resource he gets for the sake of the family.

– A father on earth with the heart of the Father in heaven will not fill himself while his family and household is starving.
– A father with the heart of the father will not cloth himself while his wife and children are poorly clothed.
– A father with the heart of the father will not keep his money in secret without planning together with his wife for his children. For the father in heaven has not kept out from His children on earth anything good, rather He gave us the best, that is Jesus Christ and therefore there is nothing else that He can keep away from us.
– A father with the heart of the father will not do irresponsible things, live in an irresponsible way that could cause trouble to come upon his family.
– A father with the heart of the father will love his family like the heavenly father has loved the world.
– A father with the heart of the father will not terrorize his family but rather be a peaceful person around whom every member of the family sits peacefully.
– A father with the heart of the father will walk close to the heavenly father from whom all grace for fatherhood comes.
A father with the heart of the father is a good father. Why not resolve to be that father? You can do that by living a life of commitment to Jesus Christ. He alone makes us what we ought to be, whether a good father, mother, neighbor and so on. If you are already in Christ then obey the law of love and the word of God and you will be what God wants you to be. But if you have not yet made Christ your Lord and savour why not do it now?
Please say this prayer if you are ready:

Dear father in heaven I thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to save me from my sins. I am sorry about my sins. Forgive me for my sins. Right now I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and saviour. Through Him may I be transformed. Amen.
If you said that prayer from your heart, you are saved by faith. Begin reading your bible from the book of John. Find a good bible based Church that expounds the word of God in order to grow spiritually and have your life transformed. You can let us know about your commitment. May God bless you.

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